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ArSpirare is a brand name of my own invention dating back to the year 2002. The phrase is a contraction of the Roman Ars, (Arts,) and Spirare, (of the Spirit.) The meaning for my purposes translates literally "Arts of the Spirit." This coinage serves as both motto and descriptive of my body of work.

All great art lies in the atmospheric qualities of gifted vision in combination with natural talent and arduous training. The best will sometimes rise to the level of atmospheric superlative. All artists work within the domain of the magician where all is illusion, magic, sleight of hand, tricks and deception. Technique is but well-developed "tricks of the trade." All of this I actively seek to apply to entertain, inspire and capture the attention of a thoughtful viewer. I "conjure" images of unspoiled landscape to call forth our shared ancient connections to the natural environ of planet earth. I summon the collective memory of our distant multicultural past. Iconic images with a modern "twist" span the global experience to reflect a common heritage of the human spirit in our attempt to express our varied understandings of existence on our home planet.

image of statue's eyeStructure and Material range from my earliest experiments in single block wood cuts to laminated and multi-layered sculpted wall art construction and three dimensional sculpture. I employ multi-colored sculptural images as did many of the ancient artisans. Woods are time-tested through curing and the highest quality commercial adhesives ensure long lasting endurance. A specially designed combination of the best primers, acrylic layered paint, and polyurethane top coatings should endure long past my time here on this planet. Semi-precious stone and hand-hammered copper are used for eyeballs and jewelry in figurative work. Initial rough cuts utilize handheld power tools. Beyond that stage all work is shaped, assembled and finished by hand using hand tools and brushwork.

Style is mainly an inevitable blend of materials chosen, preferred painting techniques, and a unique blend of somewhat obvious influences. You will notice I don't care much for squares, boxes or traditional "frames." There are similarities common to all my work, but always each piece is subject to the guiding principle, "What is germane to each individual piece?"

Pricing is reflective of an artist-direct arrangement as I am not currently affiliated with a specific Gallery or Agency representation. This initial offering may be only temporary so if you are seriously considering a purchase, then it may be wise to do so now.

Pricing is also reflective of materials, time, expenses, administrative fees and assistants fees as well as a set-aside to be placed in trust for a planned non-profit organization dedicated to the education and promotion of financially disadvantaged emerging artists. I will likely on occasionimage of statue's eye feature "guest artist(s)" this website in near future prior to fully developing the Non-Profit Organization.

First purchaser's information will be placed into confidential registry at time of sale to facilitate any future issues concerning provenance of my work. All transactions will be completely confidential. Artist reserves all rights to reproductions as per applicable copyright law and regulation.

All are welcome. I sincerely hope you enjoy the tour of images offered for the first time in "Twelve."

Please do take advantage of the rating and commentary section. You may also register for future release bulletins which will include earlier works from archive as well as completed new work currently in progress.

~ Antonius

ArSpirare by Antonius, ©2018


Acknowledgements: This site would not have been possible without the invaluable technical help, advice, and hard work of my associates, most particularly;

Roberta Burroughs-Cheatom, ArSpirare's Director of Communications & Promotions, and Web Maven in Las Vegas, NV

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